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Book Reviews on Seen, Un Seen Disneyland

Book Reviews on Seen Un Seen Disneyland

What are the Disneyland experts saying about Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. Here are a few of the Book Reviews on Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland.

“Even if you have made many trips to Disneyland, you probably have not noticed all of the little touches that were designed into the park. The book is a delight to read, bringing up many “I never knew that” comments. The author’s many color photographs enable the reader to actually visualize all the points discussed. Loads of fun!”

Dave Smith, Chief Archivist Emeritus (retired Walt Disney Archives)

“A fascinating look into some of the magic that makes Disneyland so special. No matter how well you think you know Disneyland this book will show you something for the first time.”

Bill Cotter, Author (The Wonderful World of Disney Television)

“You may think you know Disneyland, you may have been a dozen or more times, but the only way to truly know Disneyland is to read this book. It is a comprehensive treasure trove of insiders information of the inside story of Disneyland’s design. I thought I knew the park until I read this book, now I realize what I was missing, this is a must read for any Disneyland fan!

David Oneal, Host / Author ( / Extinct Attractions)

“This book has amazing facts, history, and the great details that other Disneyland books do not have. I can easily tell that Russell has a great love and respect for the original Disney park. This book is for any fan of Disneyland because it is very straight forward and organized. Excellent book!”

Lynn Barron, Host (The Sweep Spot Podcast)

A friend of this show, Russell Flores, has published a new book about the little details and history of what makes Disneyland so special to all of us. Filled with pictures and backstories, Russell passion to share with you his findings will make you more aware of how unique Disneyland is. Plus, you need to get this because I wrote the “Foreword” to it! Order it today!

Tommy “TommyPix” Allison, Host (The Sweep Spot Podcast / The DisGeek Podcast)

For a guest preparing for their first visit to Disneyland, Seen, Unseen Disneyland is a wonderful introduction to the magic of Walt’s park and why it sets the standard for all theme parks. For a guest who knows Disneyland like their own backyard, Seen, Unseen Disneyland contains little-known facts and details that will bring a new depth to their Disneyland experience.

Michael Bowling, Host (Dis Unplugged: Disneyland Podcast)

“When I received this book in the mail, autographed by the author, I was very excited to read it. It was packed full of over 340 color photos. Every glossy page was just covered with them. Russell Flores did a great job at pointing out things around the park that most people don’t even notice. He even gives bits of trivia with some of them. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to see what they don’t normally see.”

Joshua Shaffer, Author, Discovering The Magic Kingdom: An Unofficial Disneyland Vacation Guide

This book is a must have in any collection of the book we all know we already have from Disney. The forward alone sums it all up and gives me chills thinking about uncovering even more than I already know about the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’
DisneyBlu, Disney On Demand Podcast

Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland is one of the best efforts that I have seen to date in making Disneyland pictures the star in a non-Disney published book.

Between Disney Review

Russell has put together a delightful book based on a simple premise; focus on Disney details that are hidden in plain sight. This journey into authorship was the result of 2005 trip when Russell noticed how Disneyland themed it’s trashcans. Having met Russell a couple of times, I can see how this became an obsession. Over the years worked hard reading everything he could and started to document these little treasures. Along with trash cans, Russell documents other not so hidden treasures like ticket booths, Sleeping Beauty Castle, the sexy women of Disney (?), signs, “The Ghosts of Disneyland Attractions Past,” turkeys, and much more. If you are looking for secret knowledge to freak out your friends or to peel back another layer while visiting the park, the book is a good read. The book is filled with color photos. To his credit, he footnotes all of his information, adding much needed credibility. Watch for multiple volumes.
Sam Gennawey, Author / MiceChat writer (Walt and the Promise of Progress City / The Disneyland Story)

A while ago I read about the cats at Disneyland and was excited to actually see pictures of them in this book. My favorite part was that it shows lots of pictures of Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland. This is a great book for people who would like to know about all about cool little known things in Disneyland. I recommend this book for big Disney fans!
“Future Imagineer”, 10 Year Old Future Imagineer blog

Seen, Unseen Disneyland – What You See at Disneyland, but Never Really See, is written by author Russell D. Flores and is a photographic journey through Disneyland. With Russell’s images capturing the details you can begin to unravel the minute details and layers that Walt and his Imagineers put into the park.

Michelle Young, Minnie Minxes

Russell has just released a second edition of the book. It’s truly a Disneyland-lover’s dream solely because of the amazing amount of full-color photographs that Russell has included. He’s also done a great job of finding those little details that often go unseen by most guests.

George Taylor MiceChat / Imaginerding / Communicore Weekly


AnaKaren A. (Facebook Post)
\"Read the book and I love it!!!! Thank you!\" and \"I have to say I am a bit of a know it all when it comes to Disneyland and I learned a lot of interesting details in your book that I didn\'t know before.\"
Jeff L. (Facebook Post)
\"Got the book Saturday. Read it cover to cover. Love it and the layout of the book. The pictures with detailed descriptions are excellent.\"
Nancy E. (Facebook Post)
\"Got your book today! Looks wonderful.\"
Sandy D. (Facebook Post)
\"Loved seeing your book! I hope you sell a million copies!! It is so nice to see someone so passionate about Disneyland. I know alot of hard work went into your book. Congrats!!!\"
Kris O. (Facebook Post)
\" It\'s awesome! The pictures are a work of art and it really makes you think about of the little details Disney thinks of to make your experience so wonderful. Great job!\"
Lena A. (Facebook Post)
\"It\'s wonderful.\"
Wendy C. (Facebook Post)
\"Loving all the photos!\"
Karen A. (Facebook Post)
\"For all Disneyland fans, this is a great new book written by an old classmate of mine. I just finished reading it and enjoyed every bit of it. It would make a great gift for any Disney fan on your list.\"
Gary H. (Facebook Post)
\" I really enjoyed it and was surprised at the detail that I have overlooked. Great job.\"
Kayla B. (Facebook Post)
\"Thanks Russ! Loving the book BTW!\"
Elisabeth V. (Facebook Post)
\"Just wanted to drop a little note and tell you our book arrived yesterday and we are thrilled to have it! What a fun read full of great information and for people like us, who just cant seem to get enough of Disneyland, it is the perfect addition to our library and very different from any thing else we have.\"
Derek M. (Facebook Post)
\"Got mine in the mail yesterday. AWSOME book! Learned some things I never knew before. I love new information!\"
Kim N. (Facebook Post)
\"We\'ve been enjoying looking through your Disneyland book! It will make us really open our eyes to all of the extra details at the park!\"
retlawfan (Amazon Review)
\"If you have ever been to Disneyland and wondered what you\'re missing, this is the book for you. The fun part of this book is that it\'s about the things you may have missed, but DID see, and may not have realized it. If you have not been to Disneyland, this is a great companion book to the park planning guide books. It was such a great book, I couldn\'t put it down. It is certainly going into my Disneyland reading collection.\"
J. Rodriguez (Amazon Review)
\"Bought this book a few days before my most recent Disneyland trip and I was glad I did. I usually do not enjoy reading, but this book and it\'s subject were a pleasant read. I was able to finish it in under three days and then look for the \"Unseen\" things I had seen but not seen before. There are lots of colorful photos and trivia included in the book. If you love Disneyland or are even just a casual fan of the best theme park in the world you will not be disappointed in this wonderful book. Looking forward to future books from this author.\"
Thatguy (Amazon Review)
\"I ordered on of these books from the author and I must say what a great book. I visit Disneyland a few times a year and love the history and little hidden gems that the park has to offer, I thought I knew almost all there was to know about DL, but this book showed me a lot of things that I did not know. The book is full of great color photos and is the perfect size to throw in a bag or a pocket to take to the park. I cannot wait to take it to the park and look at the park with new eyes. This is not a guide book, it is reference for all of the small details that you see every time you go to the park, but never really notice, the magic of Disneyland. Enjoy!\"
K. Allen (Amazon Review)
\"What a fun book! I have always loved Disneyland and have been there many times. There is always so much to see and do that it\'s hard to take it all in and really appreciate some of the details that probably go un-noticed by most. Russell has shared many interesting facts and points out many things that I never noticed before. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and looking at all of the pictures. Now I need to start planning another trip to Disneyland! This book is not a \"what to do at Disneyland\" book. It does not describe the rides or where to eat. It\'s an enjoyable, easy read with lots of trivia and full of great pictures. It\'s a real treat for those who love Disneyland and want
Holly P. (Facebook Post)
\"I just saw the blog on the Disboards. I never spend money on books, but I am thinking this is the perfect thing to read on the plane to my first Disneyland vacation. I can\'t wait to get started!\"
Laura S. (Facebook Post)
You\'re gonna love it !
Jackie C. (Facebook Post)
I listened to the program and have now order the book. Cannot wait to read it. I am sure it will make my next disneyland trip different.
Christa R (Facebook Post)
It is a great book LOVE IT!!
Cindy Z (Facebook Post)
Got that right - great book!
Donna R. (Facebook Post)
Congratulations! Love your book!
Matt H (Twitter Post)
Really enjoyed the new Disneyland fan book by @SeenUnseenD Fun couple hours browsing photos and learning trivia I didn\'t know about the park
Rene A. (FaceBook Post)
Just got our copy. Wow. Great job. Our new family favorite. Thanks. I hope you do a whole series.
Emerald F. (FaceBook Post)
I got my copy Monday, and I love it!!!! Thank you, you did a great job!!
Holly P. (FaceBook Post)
I just saw the blog on the Disboards. I never spend money on books, but I am thinking this is the perfect thing to read on the plane to my first Disneyland vacation. I can\'t wait to get started!
Rene A. (Amazon Review)
Our new family favorite. Points out a lot of things we usually walk right past. I hope they make this book a series. I can\'t wait for the next one.
Janet L. Venerella (Amazon review)
It arrived quickly, and safe and sound.

It is a great book.

I would be happy to use this vendor in the future.

Thanks. Janet
Rae (Amazon Review)
I bought this book after friending the writer on Facebook and thought hey why not!!! We had some shipping problems and without any problems he reshipped the book at no charge to me (Sadly the book did show up 2 months later to the fault of my canadian Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland: What You See at Disneyland, but Never Really Seemailman) He arranged the book to be delivered to Disneyland while we were there on our trip (amazing customer service) My family and I read the book the first day and we spent the rest of the trip finding the stuff! It was so well written and the photos helped sooo much! It was lots of fun to do a scavenger hunt..I have older children so they loved it!! I cant wait for bo
A. Rosa AKarenC (Amazon Review)
\"I learned so much from this book! It has so many details that so many visitors miss at the parks! I love the full colored photographs because not only am I reading about the hidden items, I am actually seeing it too! This book has so many fun facts and trivia that any Disney fan will enjoy! I hope Russell Flores comes out with a 2nd edition soon!\"
J. Heid "Writer Mom" (Amazon review)
Sure you have been to Disneyland, you have riden Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion. What more is there to do? This book will help you open your eyes to the work of imagineers who put detail into every attraction, restaurant and yes, even trashcan around the parks. No it does not reveal behind the scene secrets, but it does help you to open your eyes to the magic right in front of you. A must read whether you are a first time visitor or a seasoned veteran.
Mary Jo Willey (Amazon review)
I got this book after listening to Russell Flores\'s interview with the DIS Unplugged, and I am really glad I did. I visit Disneyland quite regularly, and what I like about this book is that the information in it is up-to-date and thoroughly researched. Sure, we can go to different internet sites and various books, but here Russell does the work for us and includes a lot of trivia in one easy to read book with lots of photos so we know just what to look for. As others have said, this is not a book that tells you how to visit Disneyland. It is a book for those of us who appreciate the details and want to know more. I did know a lot of the trivia, but I also learned a lot more from Russell\'s
L.Y. (Amazon review)
Having visited Disneyland often (though not as often as some I know.... and not nearly as often as I wish I could....) I am always looking for those little extra bits of magic that are scattered throughout the Park. I have taken photos of a few of these special findings, and had plans for taking more, but I don\'t really need to now. Photos, notes and more have been thoughtfully combined in this wonderful book by Russell Flores. In \"Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland\" Russell has taken the time through his countless color photographs to capture the Disney magic for the reader. I may have some photos of some items in his book, but I don\'t have the narrative or history that goes along with the images
Dlandgrumpy (Amazon review)
This book is just plain FUN! Lots of pictures & great descriptions. I really liked learning about the kinds of things that you may see but may not understand the history of - Imagineers are great pickers and recyclers. Also, there are those things that you may not really see (cats in Disneyland?) and details you just overlook (fun signs and ticket booths). This book will expand your Disney \"world\".
Fan of all things Disney (Amazon review)
As often as I go to Disneyland, I am constantly amazed at the new things I learn. Reading Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland is another surprise as there are many things I have not \"seen\". The next time I go to Disneyland I will have more new things to look for and new experiences to treasure. I love all the color photographs and the descriptions about the seen, yet unseen, parts of Disneyland.
A. V. Vassar (Amazon review)
I purchased this book shortly after its release and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been to the park many times as a child, teen and adult... I know I have seen most of the items pictured, but never in this way. Mr. Flores has a unique sense of what is seen daily my the visitors yet they never really see them. Thanks for the wonderful book, and looking forward to future volumes!

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