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DL WeeklyI just wanted to take a minute to thank DL Weekly for a great visit and to the DL Weekly fans for such a great response. Your response has been over whelming.

This is my 8th shipment in a week. I am so humbled by all the orders I have received.

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Bay To Breakers 12K

Bay to Breakers starts in the Embarcadero neighborhood by the San Francisco Bay, and takes you through nine of the city’s most notable neighborhoods—all the way to the Great Highway, where the breakers crash into Ocean Beach.

Among other sights, you’ll race through Panhandle Park at the northern boundary of the Haight Ashbury—the birthplace of the Deadhead—and cut through Golden Gate Park. (Pro tip: watch out for the bison .)



I watched the new Loki mini-series last week. I have a couple things that confuse me, but over all, I really loved it and am looking forward to the rest of the series. The one thing that is really confusing me is how Time works. In Avengers: End Game, they said time does not work the way we all traditionally thought of it. You can not go back and kill you father and prevent your existence. The classical time paradox. Dr. Banner argued that when you go back in time, that is “your future” so it would not affect “your past”. In other words, you can’t change time. Now the Loki show comes out with a whole organization, The TVA (Time Variance Authority), whose job it is, is to protect the time line from changes and put it back on track if someone does. In addition, a big part of this is to protect the harmony of the multi-verse. But isn’t that Dr. Strange’s job? And why is he not aware of the TVA. You could argue that he is and just hasn’t mentioned them yet (maybe the next movie’s whole premise). In the movie Dr. Strange, they keep hitting the theme that there is always a price to pay for changing the time line. But according to End Game you can’t, and according to Loki (TVA) it was supposed to happen or they would have corrected it. One of the great things I love about the Marvel movies is how well coordinated the movies are, how they integrate with each other, and how they support and lead to the next. The TVA seems to create a road bump. Maybe this will all be explained as the series continues or maybe I’m just a big dummy and don’t get it.

Missing Disneyland

Missing Disneyland

Are you missing Disneyland? I am too. Last December, I was Jonesing for Disneyland and put together a little video of the sites of Disneyland. It’s very exciting that Disneyland, although not opening, is expanding what is opening and it Park experiences.

I decided to share this video again. Enjoy “Seeing” the sites of the Disneyland Parks:

Missing Disneyland on YouTube

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Should Disneyland and the other Amusement Parks Open or remain closed?

I created my page to discuss my love of all things Disney, Walt Disney, and probably the most positive character ever created, Mickey Mouse. It is not meant for political talk or hatred. I strongly encourage everyone to vote and be involved with your political views. I will defend your right to do so. There are plenty of pages to do that, but please not here. The question, SHOULD DISNEYLAND AND THE OTHER AMUSEMENT PARKS OPEN OR REMAIN CLOSED? is meant to provoke thought and not hatred.

I created this post to open a positive dialog about the Parks being closed. If you think the pandemic is too bad to reopen, please say so. If you think a great and diverse state like California with all its talent should be able to come up with a workable path forward, say so. But I will not let this turn into a name calling, personal attack discussion. Thank you and I now return you to your regularly scheduled post:

Sadly the Governor announced today that none of California’s amusement parks would be opening anytime soon. This came as a shock to the amusement park industry as he had been set to release guidelines last week and they had been working with the state to come up with workable guidelines.

The following is a post I shared on another account last week regarding the question, SHOULD DISNEYLAND AND THE OTHER AMUSEMENT PARKS OPEN OR REMAIN CLOSED?:

“I will leave it up to people to vote their minds and soles. I’m not into politics and I think ads, movies stars, and people telling me how to vote is ridiculous. This isn’t the 50s, 60’s, or 70’s when we bought a certain cereal because Roy Rogers told us to.

My question is this. Florida is one of the worst states for COVID, yet they came up with guidelines and WDW and Universal have both opened with zero reported cases. Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, and Paris Disneyland have all opened under their respective government guidelines with no cases. Most are currently allowing expansion of guests. Even Aulani is currently in the process of opening, being in the most restrictive state.

So why can’t one of the most innovative states come up with guidelines to get not Disneyland, Universal, Knotts Berry Farm, Legoland, etc up and running, but thousand and thousands of people back to work (maybe a million with support businesses like hotels, restaurants, airlines…)?

We need to be cautious and move prudently, but we need to keep moving forward. If we have to take a step back in order to move forward 3, that is still moving forward. Picture reposted from Hollywood Reporter. “

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ForceFest Press Release

Are you a Star Wars fan and sad that there will be no Star Wars Celebration in 2020? Well fear not fans. Skywalking Through Neverland is putting together a Virtual Convention to continue the celebration. The ForceFest Press Release describes the event and gives you links to all of the fun. Here is the Official ForceFest Press Release:

Star Wars, Star Wars Celebration, ForceFest, ForceFest Press Release
ForceFest celebrating the saga August 28-30, 2020


  • Online Star Wars convention created and organized by a group of fan content creators to take place on August 28-30
  • Created to connect fans worldwide and raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • ForceFest offers a platform where fans and content creators can discuss the passion that unites them. 

[GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY, July 16, 2020] When the COVID-19 pandemic caused the postponement of the official Star Wars Celebration fan convention scheduled for August, 2020 in Anaheim California, a group of fans leapt into action to create FORCEFEST, an on-line event that will bring the fandom together leveraging streaming platforms while raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The virtual conference will be held on the GetVokl platform and will take place on August 28-30, to coincide with the dates that Star Wars Celebration 2020 was to be held.

“Star Wars Celebration has always been a huge part of Star Wars fandom,” said Sarah Woloski, one of the event’s organizers. “Fans gather from all over the world to celebrate the Star Wars saga and meet up with new and old friends. We knew we could use technology to mimic that feel virtually.”

FORCEFEST will stream in six different themed “stages” on the GetVokl platform covering Content Creators, A Virtual Meetup “Cantina Lounge,” Interviews and Discussions, Live Action, Comics/Animation/Books, and a Miscellaneous stage. On these tracks, fans will be able to view streamed video versions of various fan-created podcasts that register to be a virtual presenter or host. [REGISTRATION LINK]

“The Star Wars fandom has always been active online creating their own content out of love for the saga,” said David Jesse of Tatooine Sons, one of the organizing shows. “FORCEFEST will create a larger platform for shows of all themes and sizes to share their unique brand of streaming in a shared environment.”

One of the objectives of FORCEFEST: Celebrating The Saga is to give the opportunity for all voices in the Star Wars fandom to be heard. The organization committee has made a commitment to providing a platform for diverse hosts and topics in a family-friendly environment. Application for participation as a show host or volunteer is open now at forms.gle/h3Br82ebAFx6Jr… and https://forms.gle/KFZYm1ZBEpVchJnY9 respectively. Registration closes on August 1, 2020.

We’d love for you to share the news and link with your readers and social media followers. Below is the official social media and additional assets you can share to your channels using #ForceFest2020

Instagram: @forcefestsaga | Twitter: @ForceFestSaga | Facebook: ForceFest

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