Finishing My RunDisney Disneyland Half Marathon

Jeff GallowayTwo months before the race I got a left knee injury about. I was only able to walk so the last two months consisted of no running workouts. My goal at the start of the race was simply to finish.

The first 5 miles through the Disneyland Resort weren’t too bad. It was slow due to the crowding and lots of distractions. But then came the open road which started with a long uphill. As the race progressed I was in more and more pain. Then both legs and my lower back started hurting. I had no endurance and was sucking air. My form was terrible no matter how. Such I concentrated on it which led to more pain. Then my shoulders started cramping no matter how much I tried to relax.

I began trying every trick I have learned over my 48 years of running. Relaxing, distractions, concentrating on form, setting short term goals (just that next intersection…), music, pacing off another runner, using another runner as a rabbit, etc. Eventually I just had to go to walking. I tried to walk as briskly as I could, but even that was not too fast.

Finally I got to within .2 miles of the finish line. I could see the top of it over the fence and could hear the crowd roaring. I could also hear my High School Cross Country coach saying “Finish Strong”. I had no more race to save anything for. I could put all I had left into Finishing. This isn’t just about finishing the best you can, but setting a positive mind set for your next race.

I began running as best I could. I know my form was horrible and I hurt a lot. I rounded the corner to start up the driveway into the parking lot where the finish line was. I could see the final turn to the finish line. I was about half way to the final turn when I looked into the crowd on the inside turn side.

There was Jeff Galloway himself cheering on the finishers. I looked at him and he turned his head towards me and looked right at my eyes. I don’t really know if he saw I needed that little extra encouragement of it was just the next thing he was going to saw. He got a big grin on his face and yelled “YOU GOT THIS!”. He was clapping the whole time. He pointed his hands towards me and tracked me as I went by. I was just one of thousands of runners that day and know he has no recollection of this.

But that meant the world to me. I got a big grin from that as I passed him and turned the final corner. For some reason I felt a little lighter and my stride steadied up. I finished

Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend 2023

Ready, Set, Race! Magical Miles & More Return To Disneyland® Resort!

The Disneyland Resort will host four fun-filled days of events, featuring some of your favorite Disney Friends. Whether Guests start their day “barking along” a 3.1- mile adventure or “get their ducks in a row” for 6.2 miles … or even say “see ya real soon” as they embark for an epic 13.1 miles, our Disney friends will be there to cheer them on!! Even more exciting news for the 2024 event weekend includes a brand-new offering to runDisney events at Disneyland Resort, early morning yoga from inside Disneyland park!

From the start line to the finish line, the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend will ensure that Every Mile is Magic!

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