Interviews Reviews and Shout Outs for Seen Un Seen Disneyland

Interviews, Reviews, and Shout Outs for Seen Un Seen Disneyland

Check out all of these Interviews, Reviews, and Shout Outs for Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland

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Interviews,  Appearances,  Reviews,Shout Outs, and Movie / Video Appearances

3/3/2023 Round Table talk with David Koenig and The Hub Crawl Podcast crew, Episode 24.

2/15/2023 Part 2 of 2 of my Visit with the folks at the DL Weekly Podcast, Episode 273.

2/8/2023 Part 1 of 2 of my Visit with the folks at the DL Weekly Podcast, Episode 272.

1/16/2023 Appearance in Short Story Documentary about Richard Woloski’s rejection as the Rebel Spy. This is also my first IMDB movie credit.

12/15/2022 Discussion of Memories of Skywalking Through Neverland on their 400th Show.

11/22/2022 News and Discussion Bob Iger Returns on The Sweep Spot.

9/16/2022 News and Discussion D23 Expo 2022 on The Sweep Spot.

2/4/2021Discussion on Self Self Publishing Your Fandom  Skywalking Through Neverland.

1/8/2021Congratulates The Sweep Spot on their 300th Show.

8/28/2019 Discussion about D23 on Skywalking Through Neverland.

8/17/2019 Discussion about favorite Disney books and D23 on The Sweep Spot.

11/14/2018 Guest contributor to Skywalking Through Neverland.

7/30/2018 Shoutout on Mousetalgia about Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet.

6/23/2018 Guest host on The Sweep Spot.

5/20/2018 Shoutout on Mousetalgia.

8/20/2017 Shoutout on Mousetalgia about Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet.

8/2/2017 Interview discussing Marty Sklar passing on Skywalking Through Neverland.

7/26/2017 Interview at D23 by Skywalking Through Neverland.

7/23/2017 Shout Out on Mousetalgia.

7/19/2017 Comment on Fandom for Skywalking Through Neverland.

1/20/2017 Group conversion Post Star Wars Race review on Skywalking Through Neverland.

1/4/2017 Shoutout in final show of Communicore Weekly.

1/21/2017 Congratulations message to The Sweep Spot on 200th Show.

12/28/2016 Skywalking Through Neverland Reads my Tribute to Carrie Fisher.

11/17/2016 Skywalker of the week on Skywalking Through Neverland (Episode 144).

11/16/2016 Communicore Weekly Mention in call in.

10/5/2016 Shout Out from Skywalking Through Neverland (Episode 139).

10/1/2016 Guest news commentator on The Sweep Spot (Episode 192).

9/25/2016 I was mentioned on Mousetalgia by Jeff Baham as part of the Story on The Walt Disney Studios book that has appearently been recalled (Episode 414).

8/31/2016 Shout Out from Skywalking Through Neverland (Episode 134).

7/23/2016 Shout Out from The Sweep Spot (Episode 187)

7/17/2017 Mentioned on Mousetalgia for helping them at this year Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet (Episode 404)

6/25/2016 Interview on The Sweep Spot about 1976 Disneyland (Episode 186).

1/17/2016 I have a great time reviewing the Star Wars Half Marathon on Richard and sarah’s podcast,  Skywalking Through Neverland Interview on RunDisney Star Wars Half (Episode 108).

11/11/2015 Did congratulations bit for Communicore Weekly on 200 episodes (Episode well of course 200)

10/22/2015 Another great interview with Richard and Sarah from the  Skywalking Through Neverland Interview (Episode 97).

8/12/2015 I get another shout out from Communicore Weekly (Episode 187)

8/8/2015 I get shout out from The Sweep Spot (Episode 161)

8/8/2015 The guys at Dis After Dark podcast Interview me about my upcoming book and the details of Disneyland. Another great British podcast with an adult leaning (Season 3 episode 22).

7/15/2015 Interview on Skywalking Through Neverland Episode 84

5/5/2015 I do a Congratulations bit for DisGeeks podcast (Episode 100).

5/4/2015 The Disney Dream Girls interview about my books and the the details of Disneyland, with a British twist (episode 43).

4/20/2015 I guest host on the Dis UnPlugged Disneyland Edition Disneyland News episode.

3/29/2015 Jeff Baham of the Mousetalgia podcast, Pam Lipp (wife of author Doug Lipp Disney U), and I attend the share holders meeting together. Listen to Jeff’s report on episode 336 of Mousetalgia.

3/25/2015 Skywalking Through Neverland Interveiws me about Seen Un-Seen Disneyland and my up coming book More Seen Un-Seen Disneyland (Episode 71).

2/25/2015 I sponored this episode of the Communicore Weekly podcast show number 163.

2/13/2015: I meet with Randy Crane of the Stories of the Magic podcast during the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend and recorded a 2 part interview on the walkway behind Fowler’s Harbor. Here not Randy not only ask so many great questions, but also our behind the scenes banter as the Mark twain passes by ever 15 minutes. (Shows 80 and 81 also available on iTunes).

2/2/2015: The Dis Un-Plugged Disneyland Edition podcast invites me to talk about my new book. (News, Housekeeping, Rapid Fire, Facebook Poll episode)

1/27/2015: The guys at the DisGeek Podcast asked me to give prediction for 2015. I sent in a recording of my best and maybe so best best predictions. I will say, that some have already come true since the show aired. (Show #95 also available on iTunes).

1/18/2015: I phoned in a live trip report to Mousetalgia while running the inaugural Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon. (Show #326 also available on iTunes).

1/14/2015: The guys at the DisGeek Podcast review last year’s predidtions. Check out my result and the rest. (Show #94 also available on iTunes).

11/30/2014: The Disney Dream Girls do a special show on Disney Bucket Lists. They were kind enough to ask me for some of the things on my Disney Bucket List. Hear what I submitted along with the other fans of the show. (Show #28 also available on iTunes)

11/19/2014: The Communicore Weekly podcast celebrates the 150th show by playing Cadet phone calls, including 2 of mine. Don’t stop listening too soon, there’s a special word of the day and you may hear some funny bloopers. (Show #150 also available on iTunes)

10/4/2014: The Tales From the Mouse House Disneyland podcast calls me report on the new Flo’s Dinner menu. (Show #100 also available on iTunes)

10/1/2014: The Communicore Weekly podcast gives me a shout out when they talk about Un-Seen Vampires. (Show #142 also available on iTunes)

9/27/2014: The Sweep Spot podcast calls me live at Disneyland for a trip report. (Show #138 also available on iTunes)

9/1/2014: The Mousetalgia podcast uses my trip report for the 2014 Disneyland Halfr Marathon. Here this unique, live review from the 4 mile mark of the race. (Show 306 also available on iTunes)

8/10/2014: Russell did a Skype appearance at the Mouse Meets 2014 in Manchester England in May. The presentation was hosted my Alan and Chris of the Disney Brit podcast. The topic was what is involved with writing and publishing your own book. It concluded with a Q&A session. Hear the presentation in its entirety on the Disney Brit podcast. (Show 143 also available on iTunes)

7/28/2014: George and Jeff of the Comminicore Weely podcast #132 give an fantastic review of Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. Check it out on iTunes, their web page, or MiceChat.

7/13/2014: The Cruise Dudes podcast mentions me and my book.

7/7/2014: The Mousetalgia podcast mentions me being at the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet 2014. (Show 298 also available on iTunes)

6/9/2014: The Mousetalgia podcast used my trip report for the Maleficent D23 Sneek preview. (Show 294 also available on iTunes)

5/15/2014: The DisGeek podcast show this week was about tips for attending the upcoming 24 hour Parties at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Day. I sent in 8 additional tips and they posted them along with kind words about my book. Check it out at the DisGeek Podcast webpage.

5/10/2014: I appeared remotely via Skype at this year’s Mouse Meets 2014 (UK). The topic was how do you go about putting together and publishing your own Disney related book. The awesome and always entertaining Alan and Chris conducted the interview. The audience even got to ask questions. The interview was recorded and portions will be on the DisneyBrit Podcast in the near future.

5/9/2014: The U.K. book store Gazelle Book Services added my book to their recommended reading list for travel. Here’s a link to their PDF, just select Travel.

4/21/2014: George Taylor of the Communicore Weekly podcast and Mice Chat released his top 10 Disneyland books list (plus a couple extra). I made the list at #9 and can’t believe I’m listed with so many other great Disneyland books. Check out his comments and all the other great books that made the list. George Taylor’s Top 10 Disneyland books.

4/6/2014: I have a wonderful conversation with Al and Joyce from Tales From the Mouse House  Disneyland podcast. We talk about my book, Disneyland, and several other topics. (Show 90 also available on iTunes)

1/30/2014: Jonathan of Disney Blu / DizRadio interviews me about the book, sales, and Disneyland. (Show 61 also available on iTunes)

1/27/2014: Alan of the Disney Brit podcast gives a shout out to me and my book. (Show 130 also available on iTunes)

1/25/2014: Lynn and Ken of The Sweep Spot give their list of selected reading on Disneyland. Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland made the list. (Show 121 also available on iTunes)

1/16/2014: The DisGeek guys are at it again with their 2014 prediction show. I was invited to give his predictions. Hear my audio submission and many other predictions for Disneyland. (Show 73 also available on iTunes)

12/19/2013 The DisGeek guys review the results from their 2013 prediction show. Hear how I did. (Show 72 also available on iTunes)

8/2/2013 Paul of the DLRage mentions my letter as part of his talk on the Princess Fantasy Faire. (Show 13 Available on iTunes)

7/28/2013 Mousetalgia mentions me as part of their discussion on the famous Disneyland Test Wall. (Show 248 also available on iTunes)

7/27/2013 Author / Publisher David Smith and I join Lynn on The Sweep Spot to talk about the up coming 2013 D23 Expo. (Show 103 also available on iTunes)

7/21/2013 Mousetalgia mentions that I was at the Disneyana Expo. (Show 247 also available on iTunes)

6/9/2013 Michelle and Jayne of the Minnie Minxes Disney Podcast interview me. Show 36 also available on iTunes

2/28/2013 Dis Unplugged: Disneyland Edition Podcast: Interview with Michael Bowling. (Show) Also see Michael Bowling’s review of Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland at the Dis-Unplugged Blogs web page. ( also available on iTunes)

2/18/2013 DisAfterDark Podcast: I spend the afternoon with the boys from the UK in the Mousehead Pub. (Show 28 also available on iTunes)

1/25/2013 DisGeek Podcast: I joins Daniel, TommyPix, Chris, and Jae. (Show 51 also available on iTunes)

1/11/2013 The DisGeek guys do their first annual Disneyland predictions show. They read mine and many more predictions for the park. (Show 50 also available on iTunes)

1/20/2012 Mousetalgia Podcast: Jeff reviews Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. (Show 221 also available on iTunes)

12/30/2012 I call in a trip report to Mousetalgia about the making of the Candy Canes. (Show 218 also available on iTunes)

12/16/2012 The Sweep Spot Podcast: Hear interviews with Jeff Heimbuch and then me about our books. (Show 77 also available on iTunes)

12/16/2012 Mr. Frank’s Wild Ride Podcast: I talk with Frank and Heather about Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. (Show 54 also available on iTunes)

12/13/2012 DisGeek Podcast: Listen to TommyPix’s review of Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. (Show 49 also available on iTunes)

12/8/2012 The Sweep Spot Podcast: Hear a review of Seen Un-Seen Disneyland. (Show 70 also available on iTunes)

12/4/2012 The DisAfterDark podcast mentions Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. (Show 23 also available on iTunes)

12/2/2012 and 12/9/2012 Mousetalgia podcast mentions my book as part of a give away prize. (Shows 214 / 215 also available on iTunes)

10/29/2012 The third in this triple series of interviews on Carousel of Podcast. For this last interview, I talk to Alan and Chris about Run Disney and the Disneyland Half Marathon. (Show 6 also available on iTunes)

10/18/2012 I do another interview on the Carousel of Podcast. This time we talk about being a D23 member. (Show 5 also available on iTunes)

9/18/2012 Alan and Chris of Carousel of Podcast interview me about the Disneyland. (Show 3 Available on iTunes)

1/18/2012 Extinct Attractions Podcast: David Oneal introduces me and my book to the Disney community. (Show 276 Available on iTunes under Theme Park 360)


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